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XVIVO created a series of depictions of stem cell science for Jessica Gerstle for a documentary film she produced on her father’s quadroplegia following a bike accident. These animations described making embryonic stem cells, and the processes of diversification that pluripotent cells undergo to become replacements for cells in tissues and organs that have sustained damage, either through injury or disease.

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Stem Cell Research – ADA

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We strongly support the protection and expansion of all forms of stem cell research, which offer great hope for a cure and better treatments for diabetes.

We support legislation and proposals that enhance funding for stem cell research at the federal and state levels.Promise for a CureThere has already been great progress in this area. Important advances have been made through embryonic and adult stem cell research.

The Association supports all forms of stem cell research within a strong ethical framework.Scientists from across the United States and throughout the world – including those involved with the American Diabetes Association – believe that stem cell research, especially embryonic stem cell research, holds great promise in the search for a cure and better treatments for diabetes. Stem cell research allows scientists to better explore ways to control and direct stem cells so they can grow into other cells, such as insulin-producing cells.

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Stem Cell Transplants May Treat Aggressive MS –

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Study Shows Improvements in MS Patients Who Replace Bone Marrow With Stem Cells

By Brenda GoodmanWebMD Health NewsReviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD

March 21, 2011 — Replacing bone marrow with the body’s own stem cells may help patients with aggressive forms of multiple sclerosis MS go for years without seeing their disease progress, a new study shows.

Researchers in Greece are following a group of 35 patients who received experimental stem cell transplants for multiple sclerosis.By purposefully wiping out the immune cells in a patient’s bone marrow with chemotherapy and then repopulating it with healthy stem cells, researchers hope the body’s immune system will stop attacking its own nerves, which eventually become so damaged from MS that they can’t properly transmit signals.That damage can lead to wide-ranging troubles, including problems with vision, speech, weakness, coordination of movement, numbness, and pain.According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, 400,000 Americans and 2.1 million people worldwide have MS.


Oprah Winfrey with Dr. Oz on diabetes and complications

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This video from Oprahs website explain in short the effects of too high blood sugars and the consequences in terms of complications. There is a section with an emotional interview with a diabetic patient.

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Is stemcell treatment something for you?

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On this blog I will tell my story about the stemcell treatment I have gone through for my Diabetes Type 2. Stemcell treatment is not only for Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) but also for a number of other degenerative diseases like Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease and HIV/AIDS. Also, Anti-Aging Treatment is performed through stemcell treatment.

I believe stemcells hold the answers to questions we have had for years and they offer a hope for remission and perhaps recovery from some of these diseases or at least stops / slows down the progression of them.

In the time to come I will share my experience, thoughts and information that I come across. Through this blog first hand information can be made availble to assist others in deciding upon stemcell treatment.

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